The nights are longer, the days are colder. This can only mean one thing winter.

Today is officially the first day of winter. Which I find exciting at first because then it’s almost Christmas and New Year, though once it gets to the end of January or beginning of February I am definitely ready for the sun to shine a bit more.

One of the things I love about winter is the fashion, I feel like there is so much choice of how to style something. I typically wear a lot of neutral colours and these are always very prominent during the colder months which makes picking an outfit less stressful because I don’t feel like I have to wear a something bright. I feel like I should mention coats because they are not an easy item of clothing to buy. It’s always frustrating when you put together a super cute outfit, you grab your coat and it just ruins the look. Do you feel my pain with this? I don’t want to own 50 different coats but at times I feel like I should!!

With colder weather brings hats, gloves and my personal favourite scarfs. It just makes me feel even cosier when I have a big scarf wrapped around my neck. An essential though has to be touch screen gloves. I have had times where I only had normal gloves and every time I needed to go on my phone while I was out I would have to take my gloves off, so I recommend avoiding that situation with some touch screen gloves!

Snow! Every winter I always hope it snows. I think that is the kid in me coming out because I, like most children, would get so excited when I woke up and saw the snow on the ground. That just seems to have carried into my adulthood. There’s just something magical about fresh, untouched snow. Who knows it could snow at any time now!

Have a lovely week, and I will see you Sunday!

Emily x

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