What I Do to Recharge

Everyone needs a little recharge at some point. This can happen at the same time as your ultimate cosy night in or you can dedicate a whole other day or however long you need. This is sort of following on from last week’s post but I thought I would share what I do to recharge.

1 – Step away from social media/my phone. I know this is easier said than done but staying off my phone for even a couple of hours is so nice because I am focusing on what I am doing rather than what everyone else is up to.

2 – Do a bit of self-care. Now this ranges from painting my nails, doing a face mask or just taking a little bit of a longer shower then usual. Just anything that is relaxing really.

3 – Read a book. This just takes me into a different world and I forget about the real one for a bit. Also, I am less likely to go on my phone when I read compared to when I watch a film.

4 – Go to bed earlier. I don’t normally go to bed late anyway but even just half an hour earlier makes all the difference. If I happen to not have anything planned for the next day, not setting an alarm for the next morning is the cherry on top!

Just writing this post has inspired me to have a little recharge session, so I hope you find time to do so too!

Have a lovely week!

Emily x

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