What Has Made Me Smile Recently

Happy Monday everyone! This week is mental health awareness week and I wanted to reflect on what has made me smile recently. The past few days have really got to me and I wanted to remind myself as well as everyone reading this that there is something to smile about every day.

· The sunshine – the UK has been really sunny and hot recently and that can be rare for this time of year so it’s nice waking up in the morning and seeing the sun.

· Watching Full House – it always provides a good laugh.

· Making bread pudding – I’ve been really enjoying baking and making the bread pudding was so much fun (plus it tasted amazing!)

· Upbeat music to dance to – dancing around to some upbeat music never fails to put a smile on my face.

· Watching Tik Toks – now I don’t actually have Tik Tok I just see a lot of them on Instagram but I often get stuck in a ‘watching Tik Toks for far too long’ situation; I’m sure some of you can relate! But during this time I always come across a funny one and end up laughing.

Those are just some little things that have made me smile recently. So if you are not feeling your best maybe take a moment to think about what has made you smile, it can be something big or small.

Have a lovely week everyone and I will see you on Friday.

Stay safe and stay home.

Emily x

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