UPDATE - Time Away and New Ideas

It has been a while since I last uploaded. I originally took a break so that I could focus on my University exams but once they were finished I wasn’t quite as inspired as I was before. Over the past couple of months some new ideas have been popping into my head that will help to keep my posts more consistent. As well as lifestyle and uni content, I will be posting about fashion, reviews and more. The past few months have been hard to think of new ideas (which I’m sure a lot of creative people have felt) because when you are in one place for an extended amount of time and supposed to leave as little as possible you can become a bit uninspired. I recently finished watching a show (review to come tomorrow!) and that has got me back into the creative, productive, girl boss mindset that I haven’t had for a while. So, although I am adding some new elements to my blog it will not change too much. Thank you for being so patient and I will be back to my Monday and Friday upload schedule from tomorrow.

Thank you again, see you tomorrow!

Emily x

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