The Start of Summer Term but From Home

A new week and what was supposed to be the first day of my final term as a first-year university student. It has come around so quickly, it feels like just yesterday that it was move-in day, I remember it so clearly. Obviously, this term is going to be different, the main difference is the fact that I am home and not at uni. What helps though is the fact that every student in the world is in a similar, if not the same, situation

This term I have no assignments but I do have two exams. These should be interesting because I haven’t done an academic exam since my GCSEs (which was in 2016 by the way), let alone having to do the exam online. As much as it would have been nice for them to be cancelled, it is giving me something to focus on and just something to do.

In about six weeks I will be done until September. It really has got me thinking and taking a trip down memory lane of the past year. I was such a different person back in September, it’s crazy what a few months can do.

Have a lovely week, stay safe and stay home, see you Friday.

Emily x

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