REVIEW - CWs Katy Keene

When I first heard about the musical comedy drama Katy Keene and saw the trailer, I instantly wanted to watch and I was gutted that Netflix was not streaming the show like they do with many other CW programmes. Thankfully, the BBC earned the rights to show it on BBC iPlayer, which is where I watched it. Considering it has the same producers as CWs Riverdale, as well as, being based on the Archie Comics, like Riverdale. The two shows are quite different, which I very much enjoyed.

With Katy Keene only being 13 episodes, I finished it in just under a week, watching a few episodes a day. I’m not going to spoil anything but Katy Keene, played by Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale, is an aspiring fashion designer working in Lacy’s, a department store. She lives in Washington Heights, New York, with her best friend Jorge (Jonny Beauchamp), when Riverdale resident Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) moves in with the two of them. Together with their other best friend Pepper Smith (Julia Chan), they all try chasing their dreams while navigating New York City Life in their 20s.

Setting the show in New York City was already a massive plus for me. I seem to always be drawn to TV shows and movies based in New York and Katy Keene was no exception.

Something that struck me straight away was how diverse and inclusive the show is. It has strong female characters, from the leads to the side characters. There’s representation of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as, the drag community. The arts industry is a continual part of the show. Finally, the casting includes many BIPOC actors. I was so happy to see all these communities represented within the show.

Katy Keene really shows that your friends are just as much family as your actual family are. Which is really important because that is reality for many people.

The only thing that did confuse me was the amount of musical numbers. Now a lot of them made complete sense but then I would watch some and didn’t understand why it was happening. Don’t get me wrong I love musicals a lot and understand that musical is one of its genres but I didn’t feel that the show needed that many musical scenes. The cast though all sounded amazing!

To round this up, I loved Katy Keene and am a little annoyed it has not been renewed for a season 2 as they left the ending open for it. I have honestly felt so inspired since finishing the show as the core four characters are constantly fighting for their dreams to come true no matter how many set backs are thrown at them. I definitely recommend watching it and if you watch Riverdale you will recognise a few special guest stars!

I’m so glad to be back, have a lovely week and stay safe.

See you Friday!

Emily x

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