Now, I love a good podcast! I don’t know about you but I definitely get bored of music after a while and it’s so nice to listen to something different, it sometimes feels like your hanging out with a friend. Recently, I have enjoyed listening to podcasts in the gym. I find it makes the time go a bit quicker because I’m focusing on what is being talked about rather than the time on the treadmill. They can also be very motivating especially if the topic is about health, manifestation and setting goals. Since I keep on finding new podcasts to listen to I thought I would share my some favourites:

· Gals on the Go – Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio – this was the first podcast I listened to back in 2018! I was introduced to it through Danielle’s YouTube videos. They upload twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, talking about the latest in pop culture to college/post grad life as well as their tips for being ‘on the go’ and healthy.

· Manifest with Tori Desimone – Tori Desimone – I had listened to and loved Tori on ‘Gals on the Go’ but didn’t start listening to her own podcast until recently. This is definitely my go while I’m in the gym because she talks about health, fitness, manifesting and just being your best self. It’s a great way to start your Monday.

· Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty – Gretchen Geraghty – This is a great way to end your week since the episodes are uploaded on a Friday. Most weeks there’s different guests, such as her boyfriend, sister and best friends. Gretchen talks about a range of different topics whether that is during a solo episode or with a guest on. She shares useful tips and her own experience which makes it even more relatable.

This might be a little bit of a shorter post but if I told you all the ones I listen to we would be here all day! I hope this inspires you to listen to a podcast or introduced you to a new one. I might even do a part two in the future with some more of my favs.

Have a lovely week!

Emily x

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