Non-Chocolate Easter Food Ideas

It’s Easter weekend!! Of course a lot of us are spending it a little differently to normal but one thing for sure that is the same, is eating lots of food. Now if you are anything like me who can’t eat chocolate or if you simply don’t like it, here are some food ideas that don’t contain chocolate:

· A hot cross bun – one of my personal favourites and you can have this multiple ways. You can have it plain as it is, with butter, with butter and jam or you can toast it. It is entirely up to you. The mixture of dried fruit with spices in a doughy bun, is just perfect. I can’t go an Easter without having a least one!

· Carrot Cake – this may be a bit controversial but hear me out. Carrot cake can be made multiple ways, you can add nuts like walnuts into it, or you can add dried fruit like sultanas. Yes I know it’s a vegetable in a cake but it is still lovely and sweet especially with icing on top!

· Scones – this is very British I know, but who doesn’t love a scone especially on a lovely sunny day. Once again you can have a variety like, plain, fruit, cheese or create you own. A café that I have been too multiple times serves scones with flavours such as apple and cinnamon and spiced cherry. If you’re going to have a scone though it has to be jam first then cream!

· Easter biscuits – this can be a fun one for the whole family. Make up a simple biscuit recipe but instead of cutting them into normal circles, use Easter cutters like bunnies and egg shaped ones. Then with different colour icing decorate them however you like!

· A roast dinner – I couldn’t not mention a roast dinner. I know this is more of a main meal but you can customise it to suit your family. Plus it’s a break from all the sweet treats!

I hope that has given you some ideas, of course everyone is eating chocolate but these treats can be just as good!

Have a lovely Easter weekend and I will see you Monday!

Emily x

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