My Travel Bucket List

Being stuck at home so much recently has got me thinking about all the places that I want to travel to. Travelling is something that I have always wanted to do and as I got older the list got longer. During my gap year in 2018/19, I planned to travel but that didn’t happen, since then it has almost encouraged me to travel more and explore the UK as well. I get a lot of photos and videos on my social media timelines and explore sections of so many destinations around the world, I think that is the main reason why my list is so long! I often get stuck in a travel video hole in YouTube, where one more video turns into about 10, then I go on to research all those different locations. In my room, I have a world map where I can scratch off the countries I’ve been to and since receiving it for my 18th birthday, I have been eager to start exploring. There’s just so much of the world to see and I want to experience as much of it as I can.

· United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) – The UK has so many different areas to explore and growing up in England I don’t think I realised until recently how much there is to see. So I feel that it is important to explore my own country as well as the world.

· Europe – Now I couldn’t narrow it down to specific countries. I want to see it all. I can’t decide the best way to do it though, whether to jump on the Eurostar and go backpacking or pack a suitcase and go on a road trip or since it’s fairly accessible just do multiple holidays/weekend getaways.

· America – I have already been to Washington D.C. and New York City but that trip was very rushed as it was a school trip, so I would like to go back. My world map also includes all the 50 states so I would like to go to as many of them as possible.

· Canada – I have seen so many stunning photos and videos of different areas in Canada and I would love to see them in person. I did consider studying abroad for a term out there.

· Australia and New Zealand – With Australia and New Zealand being the complete opposite side of the world with a big-time difference, going out there would have to be a month (probably longer) long stay to experience it all. I also have a family friend who lives out in Australia and hearing her talk about it has me dreaming about when I can see the country for myself!

· Maldives, Bora Bora, Fiji (just tropical islands really) – seeing the overwater huts on social media definitely influenced this addition!

· South America, Africa and Asia – I don’t have specific countries in these continents but I know I want to go.

· DISNEYLAND/DISNEY WORLD – That is in all caps because it’s a very important one as I’VE NEVER BEEN!

That is a very summarised list of my travel bucket list. In all honesty, I want to step foot on as many continents as I can. I do wonder though when travel will resume again.

Have a lovely week and I will see you Friday.

Stay safe and stay home.

Emily x

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