My Spring Cleaning Tips

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a new week and with Easter finished for another year, I think it is a nice time to create a clean and tidy living space. Recently I did a massive spring clean of my room and the other day my family and I done the same to the rest of the house. During these two cleaning and tidying days I thought of a few tips that I wanted to share. Since we are all stuck at home anyway, it is the perfect time to do that deep clean.


Tip #1 – be realistic. If you know that you have limited time to get some tidying done, focus on the main area. This could be your wardrobe, a set of draws or the extra storage under your bed. Also, don’t put pressure on yourself to get it all done in a set amount of hours. This is only going to stress you out and instead of the process being quite satisfying you will be fed up and want to give up within the first 10 minutes.

Tip #2 – Clothes hanging in a wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I find it can be hard to track what clothes I have and have not worn. So a few years ago I changed how the hangers in my wardrobe hung. So if the clothes are clean and have not been worn I will have the hanger facing the back of the wardrobe. If the clothes have been worn (and don’t need washing) then when I put the items back I will change the hanger round to face me. This has been a real game changer for me, I definitely recommend trying it.

Tip #3- make sure everything has a place. This has definitely been difficult for me since moving two rooms into one when I came home from university. What I found though was that I had kept things I didn’t need. So all you need to do is spend a little bit of extra time going through some storage space in your room and decide what you need and what you don’t. This clears up space so quickly. Also, keep similar items together, for example all school work together, photo albums together and electricals together. This way if you need to find something you know exactly where it is.

Bonus tip – give your room a quick tidy before you go to bed. Anything you have used throughout the day put it away before you go to sleep so that you don’t need to worry about it the next day. Also, it helps set the next day up right if your space is already tidy. It also means that you don’t need to do a big tidy every couple of weeks.


Tip #4 – before you start cleaning put away anything that is out that shouldn’t be and PUT THOSE CLOTHES AWAY! Already the task of cleaning will feel less daunting because your space is a bit clearer.

Tip #5 – Dust first! There’s no point hoovering first because chances are the floor will just get dirty again when you start dusting. So hoovering should be one of the last things you do.

Tip #6 – A little bit of team work goes a long way. If you share a room get that person involved too. This will speed up the process. This is the same for your house, get the whole family involved, then the feeling of accomplishment afterwards can be felt by all of you. Also, it’s only fair, don’t leave one person to do it all, all the time.

Tip #7 – DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR WINDOWS AND MIRRORS! I feel like these are easily missed, just get some glass cleaner and give your windows and mirrors a quick clean. It will help your room look so much better, plus getting ready in front of a clean mirror is so much nicer and easier. For the outside of your windows, it might be easier to get a professional window cleaner!

Tip #8 – This tip applies for both tiding and cleaning. Put on your favourite music or podcast. This makes the process go by so much quicker. Plus, if your listening to music you can have a little dance at the same time.

Tip #9 – Make your bed every morning, this makes your room look so much tidier straight away, without you doing much at all.

Those are all my tips that I can think of, to be honest I have probably forgotten some! I hope this inspires you to clean and tidy your space. Just remember it’s such an amazing feeling once it’s all done.

I hope you all have a lovely week and remember, stay home and stay safe.

Emily x

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