My Morning Routine

Now when I planned my blog posts and I scheduled this one onto my calendar I definitely thought that I would have a morning routine set by now. Turns out I don’t. So instead I am going to be telling you my ideal morning routine compared to my actual morning routine during lockdown.

Ideal Morning Routine

07:00am – wake up

Spend some time waking up, check my phone and make my bed.

07:30am – be out of bed

Make some hot lemon water, chill and eat my breakfast either 30-45 minutes after finishing the lemon water or once I’m hungry.

10:00am – workout

Once I have finished my workout, have a healthy snack like a banana. Then shower and get ready.

12:00pm – be ready for the day.

Actual Morning Routine

Wake up somewhere between 07:00am and 09:00am. Just depends what time I went to sleep and if I set an alarm or not.

Spend far too long on my phone. Yes, I know, this is bad and I really shouldn’t do this.

Get up, make my bed, then make some hot lemon water. This part is similar to my ideal morning. I will just chill then eat breakfast when I’m ready.

Once I have eaten my breakfast I normally start something on my to do list while my breakfast goes down.

I will then do a workout. By the time I have finished it, it’s normally around lunch time so I will have some lunch then shower and put some comfy clothes on.

So there’s the difference between my ideal and actual morning routine. As much as I would love to stick to my ideal one, I know during this time that it’s not necessary, I’m just taking each day as it comes. Although, since I have just put it online now maybe it will encourage me to stick to it more regularly.

Anyway, I hope you are all coping okay at the moment and that you have a lovely weekend but remember, stay home.

I will see you Monday!

Emily x

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