My Go-To Songs at the Moment

I’m back! Sorry for no post on Friday, it was Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and VE Day so I decided to take the Friday off. This week’s post is all about music. Being at home so much has led me to listen to more music but I’ve been mixing up what I’m listening to. Like most people, I have my go-to artists and playlists but I haven’t been gravitating to them as much as usual. My typical music taste is most of the songs playing in the charts and musicals. Yes, this list does include those topics but it’s slightly different. Without further ado, here are my go-to songs during lockdown:

· The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series album. As soon as I got Disney + that was the first show I watched and after the first episode I was hooked, every week I look forward to the new episode. The soundtrack though is amazing with a mixture of the classic High School Musical songs as well as some originals. Some of my favourites are I Think I Kinda You Know, Wondering, All I Want, Born to Be Brave, Out of the Old and Just for a Moment.

· Happiness Begins – Jonas Brothers. When this album was released in 2019, it was on repeat throughout the summer. I didn’t listen to it for a while but after watching their recent Happiness Continues movie on Amazon Prime (highly recommend by the way!) I was hooked all over again.

· Spotify’s 90s playlists specifically Summer Hits of the 90s and Easy 90s. Listening to some 90s songs is a nice change. It also reminds me of some songs I’d forgotten about. Some of my favourites are Genie in a Bottle, No Scrubs and Say My Name.

· Everywhere You Look (The Fuller House Theme) – Carly Rae Jepsen. I have been watching a lot of Full House and the theme song is so upbeat I just had to add it to one of my playlists. When trying to find it on Spotify I came across the Fuller House version and fell in love with it instantly, to me it is a great feel-good summer song.

Those are my go-to songs/albums/playlists at the moment. Not gonna lie I was listening to the HSMTMTS soundtrack while writing this!!

Hope you all have a lovely week, stay safe and stay home. See you Friday!

Emily x

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