Life Update + New Upload Schedule

Happy April everyone! I hope you are all okay and dealing with the situation as best as you can. I took a little bit of a break but I’m back now. Since it’s been a couple of weeks I thought I would do a little bit of a life update.

So my second term ended suddenly, which also meant an end to my first year and moving back home the week of my birthday, several months earlier than planned. I’m the type of person that likes to unpack straight away or as soon as possible so that week was filled with a lot of unpacking, washing then re packing some of my stuff to put it out of the way. Like many other people, my classes moved online but this happened straight away which was kind of strange, I didn’t have a chance to get used to being back home. Also, I still had assignments (and still do) to get done which is very hard when I only have a small dressing table in my room and not a desk.

Like many households, all my family are home and not out working. As someone who has been used to having my own space and doing everything my way for a while, this has taken some adjusting. I guess everyone is having to adapt at the moment though.

Since being home though I have been doing lots of baking. I never used to be a baker or a cook but at uni I started to enjoy trying new recipes. I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram that share healthy recipes and my recipe list has gotten so long. I’m slowly getting through it but I haven’t joined the banana bread train just yet!!

Not going to lie, second term was a bit of a rollercoaster filled with a lot of change. I started new modules, which also meant a change with my timetable. I have had more assignments then first term and my role within the uni newspaper changed. Although, I did have the chance to learn a Mamma Mia dance with a mash up of songs for the annual dance show, which unfortunately got cancelled. However, Mamma Mia is my favourite musical so learning the dance was so much fun!

When it came to leaving my flat I was very impressed with myself because I got my entire room packed and cleaned within the space of about 4 hours. Especially when half way through I got an email telling me to take everything (which I was not planning on doing) just in case we can’t come back to get it.

Being home has taken a while to get used to but I know being home is the best place to be right now. Since I have a bit more time then I normally do now, I decided to change my upload schedule! I will now be posting every Monday and Friday at 18:30pm, I’m so excited for this change especially because I have so many posts planned for the coming weeks.

Stay safe everyone and remember STAY HOME.

Emily x

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