I Finished My First Term At University!!

Wow, these past three months have flown by, I can’t believe it’s the Christmas break already!

This first term has been a real learning curve. For starters, I have had to cook for myself which I would very rarely do back home but as time goes on I am getting better at it. Secondly, I have had to get back into the education mindset. For anyone who done a gap year before university, will know that it is not easy. Having to readjust to assignments with deadlines again is a bit of shock even though you know it’s going to happen before you even arrive at uni. What I didn’t expect though was to have an essay to write over the Christmas break, yeah I am not too thrilled about that!

What has been good though is trying new things as well as picking up old hobbies. Joining clubs and societies has been a major contributor to my first term. From being a part of the uni newspaper to performing in a dance show again. It has just made the experience even more enjoyable.

Now, don’t get me wrong it has been incredibly stressful at times because those deadlines do creep up on you very quickly. Yet, looking back on it, I wasn’t stressing because I had left everything to the last minute, I was stressing because I wanted my work to be as good as I could get it. Which just goes to shows how much I love my course and want to do well.

Going into my second term I am definitely looking forward to getting more involved with the clubs/societies I am already apart of. Also, I am excited for the new modules because they change termly so I can’t wait to see what they entail!

Anyway, have a lovely week and I will see you on Sunday!

Emily x

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