How to Stay Busy and Productive While Staying Home

It’s a new week and one week closer to everything being back to normal. With many of us having stayed home for quite a while now it is easy to start feeling bored, I know I have at times. The last few weeks I have thought of some ideas that are keeping me a little bit busy but it’s nothing too crazy.

I have been writing a to do list for the week in my planner, then delegating one or two tasks a day throughout the week. These to do lists don’t need to be full of chores, mine definitely aren’t. Last week I had ‘create a vision board’ on my list and it took up a few hours across two days, plus it was fun! Another one for last week was to ‘write recipes in my recipe book’, this took a couple hours but it also brought back some nice food memories and reminded me of recipes I want to make again. By doing this, it has stopped me lying in bed all day everyday watching Netflix or Disney + but of course I still have days like that.

I have also been setting myself some self-care activities to do each day as well. This way I am checking in on myself each day as this is so important, especially at the moment. One self-care activity that I schedule for most days is ‘workout’. I won’t go on about this because I am sure you are constantly seeing live workouts on social media but working out definitely does fill some time during the day. Baking, this could take up a morning or an afternoon or the whole day if you like, I have started to enjoy trying different healthy baking recipes and before I know it multiple hours have passed. I feel like when anyone thinks of self-care their mind automatically goes to face masks but seriously do it, have a little at home spa session, you’ve got the time. Of course there is always the classic binge watching of tv shows, I wasn’t going to leave that out of my self-care list.

During this time, try not to forget about your hobbies or what you enjoy doing. I know motivation is hard at the moment but add it to your self-care list instead of your to do list. This way you will probably be more motivated because you are treating yourself not ticking something of a list.

I hope this helps some of you but don’t feel pressured to be productive. You don’t need to be waking up at 6am and filling every minute of your day with something but if you still want to no one is stopping you. Just listen to your mind and body and treat it accordingly.

Have a lovely week and remember stay safe and stay home.

Emily x

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