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I’m sure everyone has had the New Year’s resolution of ‘work out more’, ‘eat healthier’ and ‘drink more water’ and it always starts with good intentions but often fails. This has definitely been the case for me in past (minus drink more water, I drink loads already!) so I just stopped making that resolution.

Over the last few years I have really gotten into working out regularly and trying new (healthy) foods. During lockdown, like many people, I have really utilised this time to find workouts that I like and to experiment in the kitchen. I thought I would share some of the Instagram and YouTube accounts that I follow, you may already know some of these but if not check them out.


· Pamela Reif – she shares workouts on her YouTube channel and creates weekly plans on her Instagram.

· Sami Clarke – she also uploads workouts to her YouTube channel, some of them with model Sanne Vloet. Also, she has been doing Instagram live workouts!

· Danielle Peazer – you can also follow her other account Danielle Peazer Method. Danielle is a professional dancer so a lot of her fitness content is dance related but she has also done a 2 week ab challenge and a 2 week butt challenge over on her YouTube channel. Plus live workouts on Instagram!

· MadFit – so many workouts on her YouTube targeting every part of your body. She also has apartment friendly videos that include no jumping too!

· Boho Beautiful – full of mindfulness, yoga and pilates.

· Yoga with Adriene – Yoga videos (obviously!) but also a new playlist each month for videos to do each day.

· Vanessa Bauer – She is a professional figure skater with a variety of workout videos on her YouTube with the majority of them being equipment free.


· Rhitrition/Rhiannon Lambert – she is a qualified nutritionist owning one of London’s leading nutrition clinics. There are so many recipes on her Instagram as well as website. She also has a recipe book, a couple of eBooks and a podcast.

· SophiesHealthyKitchen/Sophie Bertrand – she works at the Rhitrition clinic so her content is similar to Rhiannon Lambert and she also has a podcast too.

Those are some of the accounts that I follow and there are probably some that I have forgot! However, if you want to start working out and eating healthy defiantly speak to professionals so that you are doing what is best for you.

Have a lovely week, stay safe and remember wear a mask.

Emily x

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