Getting Back into a Routine

It’s been a while since my last blog post but there’s a reason for that. These past few weeks have been crazy! With going back to university approaching fast, I was trying to get stuff done at home, see people that I hadn’t seen in a while, attempt to write an essay and go to work. However, I will be back posting regularly again, now that I am back at university.

That brings me onto what I want to write about this week. Many of us will have gone back to school, work or university over the past couple of weeks and after the Christmas break it may have been hard to get back into the routine that you had before the festivities began. So I thought I would share some tips that helped me.

Tip 1

Set a sleep schedule that you know is realistic. Now, what I mean by this is if you have been going to bed at 1am and waking up at 10am, don’t start trying to go to sleep at 9pm to wake up at 6am. Look at your weekly schedule like when you have to leave your house in the morning and when you will be back. Then work from there. Personally for me, I like to have a little bit of extra time in the morning so I’m not rushing, this results in me normally waking up in the 6 o’clock hour. However, this also means that by 9pm I’m ready to head to bed! This did take some time to get right but you can do it. Start off small by going to sleep 15 minutes earlier for one week then the following week add another 15 minutes, just work your way to what you want to achieve. It doesn’t even have to be 15 minutes, starting with 5 is good too. Obviously, though if you are going to sleep a bit earlier, set your alarm clock to wake you up earlier too.

Tip 2

Organise your calendar. Put in what you do weekly and colour code it! I put all my classes, extra-curricular activities and work rota on my calendar so I don’t have to remember it all. Then when I come to making plans, booking appointments or just want a chill day, I know when this can all happen. You don’t even need to buy an actual calendar just use the calendar on your phone or download a different one that you like.

Tip 3

Physically create a weekly schedule. I know I have mentioned it in the first tip but a weekly schedule is great for being organised. I made mine Monday to Friday, with a timeframe of between 6am to 6pm. I included when I would wake up, have classes and when I would study. I even blocked out time to have food which is so important because it can easily be forgotten and before I know it it’s 4pm and I’ve missed lunch! Designing a schedule is a great way to get a bit creative too whether you hand write it on paper or create it on your computer (which is what I did). Then put it on your wall or have it as your screen saver, just make sure its visible!

These are just a few things I have done to help me start the year off right, just of course adapt them to fit what works for you. Remember to not be too hard on yourself if you don’t follow your schedule exactly or sleep in every now and then, we are all human and no day will ever be the same.

Have a lovely week, see you next Sunday!

Emily x

*Just a disclaimer, I am not a professional nor do I claim that I am, these are just what have worked for me*

Here is my example of a weekly schedule

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