April Overview

Well, what can be said about April? For the majority of us, it was a lot of staying at home wondering what to do with the day. April did bring Easter though and for me it was a lovely sunny day, eating lots of food, decorating my homemade carrot cake (and of course eating it) and just relaxing with my family.

This month I was determined to have a break from all uni work. I didn’t want to spend the whole of what was my Easter break completing assignments. Thankfully I stuck with it and got it all finished by Good Friday. I will admit at times I wished I still had work to do just so it was something to do but I am so glad I didn’t.

April also found me trying new things. I baked a lot and of course, posted it on my Instagram story! I played my guitar for the first time in about 9 years and done a lot of yoga.

Just after Easter weekend, I had an ‘organise my life week’ where I ticked tasks off my to-do list that I had been putting off and I started to use my planner again. That week honestly made such a difference and set the rest of the month on a good note. I highly recommend everyone to have weeks like that, it is so rewarding at the end.

My upload schedule changed this month and I have been really enjoying uploading more, so this will 100% continue into May.

April was a whirlwind of emotions and me trying to be productive but I learnt not to be annoyed at myself for having a lay in bed watching Netflix all day kinda day. It’s important to remember that this situation is not a productivity contest.

Let’s kick off May with some positivity as we are getting closer to normality with each day.

Stay safe and stay home, have a lovely week and I will see you Friday.

Emily x

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