20 Things I Learnt Before I Turned 20

I have now been 20 for just over a month and I have really been reflecting on what I have learnt and tried to think of as many as I can for this post. So here it goes 20 things I learnt before I turned 20.

1. Having a clean and tidy room makes such a difference. I used to have such a messy bedroom but when my parents decorated it when I was 11, I committed to keeping it clean and tidy. I stuck with it and honestly I can’t imagine living in a messy space again!

2. Make your bed every morning. This goes with the first one but making my bed every morning started after my room was decorated and it makes your bedroom look so much better.

3. Keep your USB/Hard Drive/Laptop organised. This makes finding assignments so much easier. If you have a presentation in class you find the PowerPoint instantly and stop the awkward panic of trying to find it. Plus if you are trying to find a specific photo or video knowing exactly where it is stops the endless scrolling.

4. Social media is great but don’t forget to take a break every once in a while. I will have a blog post about this on Monday going in more detail!

5. Podcast are a nice change to music and can be really informative.

6. Don’t dismiss a tv show or movie because it was made before 2000. When I was younger I used to not want to watch ‘old’ shows and movies but now some of my favourites were made in the 80s and 90s, maybe even earlier!

7. It’s okay to change what your hobby or passion is. I have gone through this, I used to really love playing musical instruments but my focus has now gone more towards media.

8. It’s okay to go back to your childhood hobby or passion. This follows on from number 7 but sometimes a bit of inspiration sparks something in you go back to that hobby. During lockdown I have experienced this, I have found myself wanting to play the piano and guitar again after years of not.

9. You are going to change your mind so many times with what you want to do with your life. Trust me I have, it’s hard for a teenager to decide what job they want for the majority of their life, but take your time, do your research and speak to different people. If it’s available to you go speak to a career advisor.

10. Everyone is on their own path so don’t compare yourself to them. I know this is hard, I still do it at times but when it happens I just remind myself that I am me and on my own journey.

11. Don’t hold grudges. Especially over little things, talk to the person, move on, accept their apology. This makes life so much happier!

12. Remember to explore your own country as well as the world. Travelling is always on my mind but I have to remember to see the UK as well because there is so much beauty to this country. Staycations are a little cheaper too!

13. Reading is actually fun you just need the right book. I used to hate reading when I was a child but in recent years I have begun to really enjoy it and that is definitely down to finding the right book.

14. Going to bed the early hours off the morning sounds like a great idea but don’t make it a habit. Since being at university, waking up early has been so much more rewarding then staying up late. Every once in a while I don’t mind staying up late but it’s not part of my routine.

15. Step out of your comfort zone. I am still in the process of learning this but going to university really taught me to step out of my comfort zone. In fact going to uni was out of my comfort zone! The feeling once you have done it is so rewarding.

16. Go with the flow. Someone told me at the end of last year to just go with the flow. This has really stuck with me and adds a bit of spontaneity to my life. It also helps reduce the overthinking.

17. Putting loads of makeup on your face every day is not needed. I love taking my time putting makeup on but it is so important to give your skin a break and focus on your skin care.

18. Move photos and videos on to a separate file/USB/Hard Drive if you are no longer friends with those people. Instead of deleting them forever just move them, as time passes and you get older you might enjoy looking back at those memories, even if it hurts now.

19. Overcoming fears is a life changing moment. I used to hate London, never wanted to go there, it scared me. However, last year I began seeing more west end shows, which lead to exploring London and honestly I love London now.

20. Running is amazing for clearing your head. I used to hate running but to mix up my exercises I tried couch to 5k, I was not expecting the impact it had on my mental health. Running really does help if you are not feeling yourself or if you are stressed or have a lot going on in your mind. Yes definitely talk to someone but try running as well, I can’t recommend it enough.

Those are my 20 things, they are a bit random I know and I have definitely missed some but 20 years is a lot of learning!

I hope you are all doing okay and have a lovely weekend. Remember stay home and stay safe.

See you Monday!

Emily x

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