10 Things I Can't Live Without

Now I’m going to admit something… I completely forgot about posting a blog on Sunday, my bad! I was too busy relaxing and catching up on Dancing On Ice before the final. Brief pause… wow what a final, no spoilers with who won but I was so happy with the final two and I couldn’t decide who to vote for on the app so ended up doing two votes each. It was such an incredible final though!

Anyway, to make up for not posting on Sunday, I’m (obviously!) posting today. So you’re going get two blog posts from me this week, I hope that is okay! I won’t forget this time I promise!

So on to today’s topic, it’s all about things I can’t live without. Now I’m not going to include stuff like my friends, family, food and water because obviously I couldn’t live without them! This is going to be more about objects I can’t live without. Also, there’s not a specific order to these, it’s just a bit random.

· My phone – now I hate to admit it but I can’t live without my phone, it holds so many memories, contacts and google maps (I would get lost without google maps!)

· A mirror – this sounds a bit vain, I know, but I don’t know about you but if I am out I and have eaten something, I always get paranoid that something is in my teeth, so I got to check, anyone else with me on this?

· Lip balm – no one likes dry lips!

· Moisturizer – dry skin is just so uncomfortable

· Headphones/earphones – I feel a bit lost if I leave my house for a solo or long journey without them, even on my break from work or doing uni work at the library I couldn’t imagine not listening to something.

· Music – this goes with headphones because what’s the point in having headphones if I have no music to listen to. Plus, music is such a mood booster and essential when doing coursework. In fact I’m listening to music while I’m writing this!

· Mascara – I could live without any other makeup but mascara just makes me look a bit more awake, actually I often go out just wearing mascara and no other makeup.

· Mints – I just hate the aftertaste of food, especially if I am out for the day, and mints in my opinion are more convenient then gum.

· A calendar (on my phone) – this sounds pretty lame but I am a very organised person and I like to see what I have planned so I can schedule my day around it. I say I’m an organised person when I literally forgot to upload this on Sunday, but that was because for some strange reason it wasn’t on my calendar!

· Finally, a blanket – I am always cold, I have been known to complain that I am cold during the SUMMER, like what, why am I like this! So yeah always need a blanket handy. Also, they just make the autumn and winter nights so cosy.

That’s my 10 things I can’t live without but there is most definitely more that I could add but that would make the list too long!

Anyway, have a lovely week,

Emily x

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